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You can import content from a web page that you have collected with NCapture.

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Web pages can be captured and imported into NVivo as PDF sources. Before you can import web pages into NVivo, you first need to have captured the content with NCapture.

You can also use NCapture to collect PDF documents displayed in your web browser and then import them into NVivo.

NCapture is a web browser extension that enables you to gather material from the web to import into NVivo 10 (or later). NCapture may have been installed together with NVivo on your computer.

For more information, refer to the following topics in the NCapture Help:

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Import captured web pages

  1. On the External Data tab, in the Import group, click From Other Sources, and then click From NCapture.

The Import from NCapture dialog box opens displaying the default folder location and any NCapture files that are stored at that location. If you want, you can import NCapture files from a different location—click Browse, and then change the folder location.

  1. Select one of the following options:

  • All captures not previously imported  Selects all NCapture files in the current location that have not been previously imported into your project.

  • All captures  Selects all NCapture files in the current location.

  • Selected captures  Allows you to choose which NCapture files you want to import. Select or clear the check boxes as required.

  1. Click Import. The NCapture files are imported into the current folder location in your project.


  • If a source with the same name already exists in the folder in your project, a number is appended to the name to make it unique—for example, Effects of Climate Change on Marine Life would become Effects of Climate Change on Marine Life (2).

  • If you specified nodes at the time of capture, the entire source is coded at these nodes.

  • Any hyperlinks from the original web page are retained in the source and you can click on a hyperlink to follow it.

  • Files imported from NCapture are automatically classified with the source classification 'Reference'. Information about the web page (metadata)—for example, URL and Access Date—is stored as attribute values for the source.

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