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This topic introduces NVivo Server and explains how to connect, access and work with projects on a server

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What is NVivo Server?

NVivo Server is a separate application that your organization can install on a server. When you store your NVivo projects on the server—multiple users can work on them at the same time:



Your network administrator can tell you whether your organization has access to NVivo Server. The server administrator (displayed in blue) can also set up your user information on the server so that you can create and connect to server projects.

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Connect to NVivo Server

If you want to work with server projects, you need to set up a server connection in NVivo.  If a network administrator installed your software, you may already have a server connection. By default NVivo is installed with only a 'standalone' connection, which is used to connect to standalone projects. Refer to Set up server connections for more information.

Your access to a server project is controlled by the Project Owner (usually the person who created the project). The Project Owner can add you to a project user group that allows you to view and update projects. Refer to Manage users in a server project for more information.

NVivo Server 10 (and NVivo Server 9) can host projects in NVivo 10 for Windows and NVivo 9 formats, however projects in NVivo 10 for Windows format cannot be opened with the NVivo 9 software. Everyone working in a shared project should be using the same version of NVivo software to connect to the server. You can check which version of the software is installed on your computer.

NOTE You cannot store NVivo for Mac projects on NVivo Server. For more information, refer to Work with your projects on Windows or Mac.

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Understand NVivo Server licensing

Your organization is entitled to a number of Client Access Licenses (CALs) for NVivo Server. These licenses determine the number of users that can access the server at any one time.

Your server administrator controls how these licenses are allocated to users. For example, a number of 'named' users may have guaranteed access to the server while other 'concurrent' users can access the server on a first-come, first-served basis. If all licenses are currently in use, you may not be able to access the server.

If you are having trouble accessing server projects, contact your server administrator.

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Work on projects at the same time

When you access a server project, you can work with your source materials in exactly the same way as you would work in a standalone project. When you update the project, your changes are saved immediately to the server and are visible to other users—you do not need to save your project, NVivo will do that for you.

If you switch to edit mode to edit the content of a source or model, other users cannot edit the content—although they can still code, annotate and link.

If you are working in a server project, you can undo your most recent changes, except when the undo would conflict with subsequent changes made by another user. If you plan to make major changes to a server project, and you want to be certain you will be able to 'undo' these changes, you should open the project exclusively.

Refer to About teamwork in a server project for detailed information about collaborating on server projects.

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