Stay up-to-date with the NVivo Community


The NVivo community is a great place to find out more about NVivo. By joining conversations with other qualitative and mixed methods researchers, you can learn useful techniques and be inspired by how others approach their work.

What do you want to do?


Find an NVivo community

Depending on how you like to communicate, you can join other NVivo users on:

  • The QSR Forumask a question or share an idea (whether you are an advanced user or just starting out). Our customer support team monitors this forum.
  • LinkedIn—join the NVivo Users Group and start a discussion or network with other researchers in your field.
  • Facebook—keep up with the latest news, views and resources on the QSR Facebook page.  
  • @QSRInt on Twitter—get the latest information about events and software releases.
  • @QSRSup on Twitter—communicate with the QSR support team and access quick tips and solutions.

Explore the Community tabs (on the NVivo Welcome screen)

The Community tabs (News, Tips and Videos) give you access to the latest tweets and videos shared by QSR and the NVivo community. The tabs are updated regularly—so when you start NVivo, you can check to see if there is anything new (look for the orange asterisk).

If you want to hide the community feed—on the File tab, click Options, and then under Welcome Screen deselect the Show Community Feed check box.

Note: You must be connected to the Internet to see the Community tabs.