Understand transcription types


When you use the integrated transcription service provided by TranscribeMe, you can choose a transcription type depending on how you want your media sources to be transcribed:

  • Full verbatim

  • Clean verbatim

  • Edited text

The cost of the transcription will vary depending on your choice of transcription type.

This topic provides information on the transcription types that are available and provides examples of the same audio transcribed using each of the transcription types.

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Full verbatim transcription

Full verbatim transcription captures the audio exactly as it sounds, including repetitions, false starts and speech errors. Below is an example of Full verbatim transcription:

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Clean verbatim transcription

Clean verbatim transcription removes:

  • Repeated words
  • Filler words—for example 'hmm' and 'you know'
  • Speech errors—for example stuttering or stammering

Below is an example of Clean verbatim transcription:

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Edited text transcription

An Edited text transcription is edited to improve grammar and tenses for easier readability. Below is an example of an Edited text transcription:

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