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You can gather material from a range of sources including:

  • Web pages—for example online journal articles or blog posts 

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube

  • OneNote or Evernote notebooks

  • Reference libraries

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Using NCapture to gather material from the web

The NCapture web browser extension enables you to gather material from the web to import into NVivo. 

You can capture web pages including articles, blogs, and social media content from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube—in order to import them into NVivo.

When you capture a web page, you can

  • Enter a short description, or record your thoughts and ideas in a memo

  • Enter one or more nodes. The entire source will be coded to these nodes when the NCapture file is imported into NVivo.

Each time you capture a web page or capture data from a social media website, an NCapture file (*.nvcx) is created.

For information on using (or installing) NCapture, refer to the NCapture Help.

After you have captured material from the web, you can import it into your project—refer to the following topics:

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Importing content from OneNote

If you use OneNote to gather material—for example, take notes, collect articles or clip screen images—you can bring your OneNote content into your NVivo project.

Use the NVivo Add-In for OneNote to export pages from OneNote and then import the exported pages into NVivo.

Refer to Import from OneNote for more information.

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Importing content from Evernote

If you use Evernote to gather material—for example, take notes, collect images or clip content from web pages—you can bring the material into your NVivo project. You can choose to:

  • Connect directly to your Evernote account and import notebooks and notes
  • Export your notebooks and notes to an Evernote export file (,enex) and then import them into NVivo

Refer to Import from Evernote for more information.

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Importing bibliographical references and associated files

If you conduct a literature review using a reference management tool such as EndNote or Zotero, you can import the bibliographical references into NVivo.

For EndNote, Refworks or Mendeley references that include links to journal articles, figures or other files, you can import these files too. The files must be accessible and in a supported format.

For more information, refer to Exchange data between NVivo and reference management tools.

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