Connection Properties

This dialog box is displayed if you choose to add or modify a server connection when you are:

Options on this dialog


Name  Enter a name for the server connection—choose a name that will be meaningful to you. For example, staff projects server.

Host  Enter the name that identifies the server on your network—contact your network administrator, if you need assistance. You can enter:

  • A server name, for example 'myserver'

  • A fully qualified domain name, for example ''

  • An IP address

Connect As

Current Windows User  Select this option if you want to use your current Windows user account when connecting to the server.

Specified User  Select this option if you want to connect to the server using a different Windows user account:

  • Account name   Enter the user account that will be used to connect to the server—for example, 'mydomain\myuseraccount'.

  • Password  Enter the password.

Test Connection  Click this button to check that the server connection is working.

OK  Click this button to add or modify the server connection.

Cancel  Click this button to cancel and close this dialog box.